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How many child molesters have been employed at Oliver Wendell Holmes MIddle School?


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Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School VA Virginia

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I went to Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School starting in the 8th grade, having moved to the area after completing 7th grade at another Springfield Virginia Junior High School. I can't remember which school I went to for 7th or 9th grade. Nothing happened there to BURN the name into my mind like at Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School.

I knew something was different on the first day of class. Mort Irwin was a Physical Education teacher, in charge of numerous 12-14 year old boys every school year. On the first day of class he handed out a 3 x 5 card, and asked us to fill them out with some "special questions" that he had prepared.
Question 1: Name
Question 2: Age
Question 3: Sports and activities you like
Question 4: He explained that occasionally he had people come to him that were willing to employ students, and he asked us to put down what sort of jobs we might be interested in.
Question 5: Are your parents alcoholic? He explained that one time he went to an alcoholic parent, who became abusive after being contacted by a teacher. He asked us that question to "protect" us. ( LOL, He asked that question to see who's parents would be least likely to notice abuse.)

Mort Irwin used these questions to determine the most likely candidates to hire for his summertime basketball and soccer sports camp for youths, Shenandoah Sports Camp, based out of Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA Virginia. He would offer certain boys in his Physical Education classes a job after school for a couple of hours a night, for a couple of days a week, and sometimes on weekends.
In all of the years that he was a public school system teacher, and ran Shenandoah Sports Camp, how many children did Mort Irwin molest?

Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle School Virginia VA