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Shenandoah Sports Camp, Bridgewater Virginia

Mort Irwin was a public school system teacher and a child molester.


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Shenandoah Sports Camp was run by Mort Irwin, a public school system teacher who was not a very good teacher. During the summertimes hundreds of parents would entrust their childrens safety to Shenandoah Sports Camp and it's camp counselors and counselor in training  ( CIT ) recruits. These people were mainly screened and picked by Mort Irwin personally, a schoolteacher with the Fairfax County Public School System.

Shenandoah Sports Camp in Bridgewater VA Virginia taught soccer and basketball to an average of 200 8-17 year olds for 6-8 weeks each summertime. The Shenandoah Sports Camp cirriculum consisted of 2-3 weeks of soccer and basketball training for boys, and then 2 weeks of soccer and basketball training for girls aged 8-17, followed by 2-3 more weeks of soccer and basketball training and practice drills for boys aged 8-17. Local sports stars from the Washington Bullets professional basketball team from the National Basketball Association ( NBA ) and other former and current NBA stars would come to the camp for a day or two to interact with the kids and teach them lessons on being a professional, what it takes to make it to the pros, why not to kid yourself if you can't make it in the pros and some of the usual folklore and stories from either their past playing days, or where their current career paths were going.


Being a public school system teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools allowed
Mort Irwin access to children.
Running a sports camp allowed
him access to professional athletes.

What a job!

How great would it be to be hired as a fox to guard the hens? They put a serial child molester in a position to pass out towels to young boys getting out of the shower naked.

Teaching in
our Schools

The school where he taught:

The school district that employed Mort Irwin.

Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax County, VA Virginia

The college he leased for the summertime sports camp:

Bridgewater College Bridgewater Va Virginia

Mort Irwin Shenandoah Sports Camp Va Virginia