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We are reading about the scandals rocking the Catholic Church, isn't it very possible that the same sort of shuffling and reassignments, slight punishments of a secret wrist slapping and concealment went on within the public school systems?

If you have a FIRST PERSON story about a public school system teacher involved in sexual abuse of students, please e-mail us.

We will never respond to your e-mail, unless you give us permission to contact you in the initial e-mail. We do not want to know who you are, we just want to identify possible patterns of child molesters in our public school system.
Please format the message in the following way:
Teachers name: Mort I. First Name, Initial of last name
School: Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School
School District: Fairfax County Public Schools
City/State: Springfield, Virginia
Your Name: "BadApple" A "handle" that we can easily e-mail you if we find enough victims reporting the same name from the same school.
Your Story: As much as you can handle putting in words, try your best.
Your permission: Anonymous
Completely anonymous, we will never contact you in any way.
Contact if pattern emerges, if we recieve multiple reports about the same individual you mention, we will contact you.
Contact if Police Report filed, If there is enough to warrant witnesses and trials, we will refer your contact information to the responsible Police Department. 
What we do: If we identify a pattern that appears to warrant further investigation, we will refer matters to the local police if possible. We will never release any of your e-mail information unless you give us permission to in the first e-mail.

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